About Us

You are our business partner, not just customer

We established a new company in the Automatic and Manual Doors Industry in Canada. We have more than two decades of experience in this field internationally. We have worked with many famous brands around the world. We are going to make a powerful Canadian brand that customers can trust and find their solution. Customer Satisfaction is our first goal. You can experience this satisfaction by good service based on our commitment and specialty. The various Garage Doors, Commercial Doors, Industrial Doors, and beautiful Decorative Door Handles are our Products from the best producers based on Canada Standards.


We are committed to making life easier and safer for our customers. We strive to build a valuable brand in the automatic, manual doors, and hardware industry so that Canada can be proud of it in the future.


Collaboration with a trained and professional team also effective and high-quality service, in addition, the affordable price can create a loyal customer. Cooperation with the best brands and suppliers globally, and using their experience will result in our customer satisfaction.

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